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Manaus Regional Center

The Manaus Regional Center is the oldest established, with the latest approved announcement being MCT/CNPq/PPBio No. 60/2009, with the project "Research Project: Biological Inventories in Western Amazonia – Manaus Sub-Network".

Meeting of the Waters

The Regional Center has as its institutions the National Institute of Amazonian Research – INPA, Federal University of Amazonas – UFAM, Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation – ICMBio, and partners the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project - PDBFF, Long-Term Ecological Research - PELD, Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia - LBA, Tropical Ecology Assessment & Monitoring Network – TEAM, and Pilot Program for the Protection of Tropical Forests - PPG7.
Several PPBio modules and grids have already been installed in the following locations: BR-319, PDBFF Reserves, Uatumã Biological Reserve, Ducke Reserve, Médio Juruá, UFAM Experimental Farm, UFAM Campus, Anavilhanas Archipelago, Jaú National Park.
The center has already hosted various training sessions, produced identification guides, articles, provided metadata and data, and promotional material.
Since its inception, the Manaus RC has already contributed to:
1) better understanding the distribution of species from different taxonomic groups in Central Amazonia, producing an explanatory model of population and community variation of these organisms in relation to biotic and abiotic variables;
2) providing a basis for future studies on population dynamics of different taxonomic groups, allowing for monitoring and fut
ure assessments;
3) defining sampling protocols with lower cost and better results, enabling quick assessments in future studies;
4) publishing scientific papers in international journals with editorial boards and local or national scientific communication;
5) developing master's dissertations and doctoral theses, and training various undergraduate students in scientific initiation work and final course projects;
6) identifying and describing new species or larval stages of already described species;
7) depositing specimens of animals and plants in the scientific collections of INPA and UFAM, aiming to expand these collections;
8) conducting integrated analyses of different taxonomic groups to determine ecological patterns at different spatial scales.
Fabrício Beggiato Baccaro
Tel - (92) 9199-9434
Federal University of Amazonas
Institute of Biological Sciences, Department of Biology
Zoology Laboratory
Av. General Rodrigo Otávio Jordão Ramos, 3000
ZIP 69077-000   Manaus - AM