The Regional Centers are:

Acre        Amapá         Coari            Humaitá            Manaus            Rondônia            Roraima            Santarém            São Gabriel            Sinop            Tefé

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Regional Centres

The Regional Centers aim to:

  • Perform a decentralized and autonomous actions defined in conjunction with the Enforcers Corps;
  • Identify priority areas for inventory of projects and implementation of Standardized Collecting Sites;
  • Develop local needs assessment in the region with regard to studies and use of biodiversity, in order to promote the effective use of regional human resources;
  • Contribute to the identification of possible cooperation with other institutions.
  • By using the scientific potential already installed in the Amazon interior units and increasing the training opportunities of regional populations and traditional peoples of these places, these cores give basis to the program and launch future prospects for local development.


With Edict MCT / CNPq / PPBio No. 60/2009 launched in October 2009 with the aim of strengthening the Research Program on Biodiversity - PPBio, new Regional Centers were approved, and now PPBio Western Amazon covers an eight projects network research and six institutions (INPA, UFAM, UNITE, UFMT, UFRR and UFAC). A new Regional Center in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM) should also be created soon.
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Regional CentersAmapaAcreCoariHumaitaManausRondoniaRoraimaSantaremSao GabrielSinopTefe