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To be useful to scientists, professionals and policy makers involved in environmental management , a dataset should be correctly stored, organised and structured and always be accompanied by detailed explanations, including information on how the data was collected, where, by whom and when - the so-called Primary Metadata. This ensures that this dataset can be understood and used in the future by anyone, not necessarily just by the person who collected it. Metadata is data that helps researchers find, understand and efficiently use the datasets generated by themselves or other researchers.

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Aimed at providing a database on Amazonian biodiversity for various sectors of society, PPBio follows the principle that everytime information is collected, it should be documented. This metadata is then associated with its validated dataset and made available on a website with free access. The PPBio data policy is available in the Data Policy section.
The metadata currently on the Western Amazonian PPBio Portal is organized as follows: title and abstract, keywords, owner, contact, related parties, research project, use rights, geographical coverage, temporal coverage, taxonomic coverage, methods, information access, data files and information about the attribute 
The metadata should be prepared using the free Morpho software 
In addition to metadata, we provide PPBio data table sets and filing instructions, which can be downloaded HERE (Last updated: 25/05/2012). This is a set of 8 files, comprising:
.xls tables for data entry, 1 sheet of suggestions for the field;
3 .doc, being a file named "Read me first! .doc", Which contains detailed instructions, "data repository Glossary of Terms PPBio.doc" and "TERMS OF COMMITMENT and conduct.doc"
The set of files is in .rar format (compressed). If you can not see them, you may need to download an unzipping program (WinRAR) that can be found here.

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"To Do List" for sending your metadata and data:
Download the PPBio Morpho Manual ;
Read the Manual;
Download the program from the site;
Download the set of data tables and instructions;
Read all files and try to fill the tables before going to the field (with imaginary collected data, such as training);
Send the metadata and / or data to
Link to PPBio on DataOne