Education and Outreach


The PPBio team produced videos intended to assist researchers and environmental managers in sampling techniques and monitoring of target groups.
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Camera Interview with Prof. Marcelo Menin: one Jauense in the Amazon.
In this interview of 07/05/13 the Dr.Menin talks about his experience as a biologist here on Amazon, addressing issues such as Adolpho Ducke Reserve (infrastructure, such as are made studies it), talks about the frogs in general, the role of substances detected in some poison frogs that may have pharmacological application, the importance of amphibians as indicator species habitat quality, the toads Guide Reserve Adolpho Ducke, and says a little about PPBio.
Check out the interview here

The Sapindaceae in the Amazon. Conducted by Dr. Pedro Acevedo-Rodriguez - Smithsonian Institution, from 18 to 22/02/2009.

Evolution and Ecology in Polygonaceae emphasizing Triplaris and their relationship with ants, given by Dr. Adriana Sanchez, Wake Forest University. 11 to 15/05/2009.

Vegetation Structure Mapping. Practical training given in the grid of the Research Program in Biodiversity-PPBIO located Cuniã Ecological Station on Br 319, from 28/09 to 03/10/2009, under the guidance of the researchers Carmozina Maria de Araujo and Flavia Costa Capellotto.

I Course for Training and Integration in Biodiversity Project, held at INPA, for all scholarship holders participants INCT-CENBAM. The course was organized by William E. Magnusson, Gabriela Zuquim and Flavia Costa, and directed mainly to scholars of PPBio, CENBAM and project associates and fellows from regional centers implemented in Rio Branco, Sinop, Porto Velho, Coari, Macapá and Manaus, as well representatives of São Gabriel da Cachoeira to know the goals and methodologies of INCT-CENBAM. 1 to 04/06/2010. Click here for more information on the course.

Computer-LTER course, taught by researcher Matthew Jones (Director of Informatics Research & Development National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis -. NCEAS) was held at INPA for the implementation of Metacat software (a repository of data and metadata free and flexible to store scientific data, especially related to studies in biology and environmental science) and Morpho (a metadata editor) to be used for database organization and metadata. June 5-12, 2010.

IBAMA Licensing course, the course was held in Brasilia in 2009 and administered by the researchers William Magnusson and Flavia Costa and had the public analysts of IBAMA DILIC, researchers from INPA and UNIR. The researchers addressed issues such as data collection in impact areas, storage, handling and analysis of data for evaluation of results and decision-making.

Introductory course to R Program - UFMT. The course was held in the period 06-10 of July 2009, in the computer lab UFMT. Hours 30 am. Taught by MSc. Victor Landeiro (INPA). With the participation of 21 people, including teachers, students and technicians UFMT. Course Objective: to train teachers and students to use the R program.

Course of Measurement methods of vegetation structure on permanent plots. The course was taught by Maria Carmozina Araújo and  Raimunda Nazré Oliveira de Araújo in plant biology lab and I module (Core Sinop, MT). It was carried out from 11 to 16 July 2009 with a workload of 40 hours, with the participation of 14 integrants: two professors, one technician and 11 students. Course Objective: To train teachers, technicians and students from Sinop campus in methods of measuring the vegetation structure in permanent plots.

Course Introduction to R program and preparation of data for statistical analysis. Location: University of Mato Grosso - UNEMAT, Campus of Alta Floresta. Period: 17-20 May 2010. Audience: graduate students, fellows (Pibic and PPBio) and teachers of UNEMAT. Participants: Six teachers (AB Ana Rossi, Claumir C. Muniz, Elaine S. Dutra, V. Ivone Silva, Marluce F. Hrycyk and Monica E. Bleich) and seven scholarship holders (Jesulino Rock, Lucirene Rodrigues, Marcia L. Santos, Amanda O. Souza, Fabiana F. Cabral, S. Felipe Vieira and Reisy Pegorini). Instructor: Jose Julio de Toledo (INPA / PNPD). The course had the objective of instructing about organizing data sheets for analysis, database, development of metadata and spend primordial notions for using the R software (free software for statistical analysis).

Romero, R. (PPBio / CENBAM), Aguiar, H. Afternoon lectures and environmental awareness activities for 49 students and teachers from Municipal School Maria de Lourdes Oliveira Souza of Purupuru community (22 km) of the BR-319. Environment Week Programming. 10/06/2010. Click here for more information on the course.

Luizão, RCC session lectures on the INPA projects for 10 students and 4 teachers from Kansas University visiting INPA requested by Dr. Marcellus Caldas. Three lectures were presented: The INCT-SERVAMB by Phillip Fearnside, LBA Program by Flavio Luizão and Biodiversity Studies (PDBFF, PPBio / CENBAM) in the Amazon. 01/06/2010.

I Database Workshop - PPBio / CENBAM / INPA in partnership with IBAMA / DILIC. Costa, Flavia. Pezzini, Flavia., Hendrigo, P., Salim, J. 3 to 6 August 2010. Click here for more information on the course.


Braga-Neto, Ricardo; Fearnside, P. M. Fungi from Amazon. Globo Ecologia. Globo (17/10/09). Click here for more information on the course.

Braga-Neto, Ricardo; Souza, S. M. de; Spironello, W.; Landeiro, V. L; Fraga, R. Globo Universidade. Rede Globo (15/08/2009).

Magnusson, W. E. & F. Luizão. Planning Meeting for Collaboration Course Intersintitucional "Biodiversity and Climate Change in the Amazon" between INPA and Eastern Michigan University (USA) with Professor. Dra. Solange Simões on for next year. Contact Solange Simões, Associate Professor of Sociology, Eastern Michigan University. June 14, 2010.

Magnusson, W.E. Vale Technological Institute International Workshop on Sustainable Development. Vale Technological Institute International Seminar on Sustainable Development. 2010.

Magnusson, W.E. Participation in the workshop targets, forecasting and detection of environmental impacts, organized by the Licensing Board on 20 to October 22 in Brasilia, Ibama headquarters. 2009.

Magnusson, W.E. of Program Evaluation Seminar in partnership with CNPq. DCR Regional Scientific Development Program, First Projects PPP program, program of support for PRONEX Centers of Excellence and Scholarship Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation Junior PIBIC JR. 2009.

Tourinho A.L. Symposium Coordinator: Bases and Strategies for the knowledge and conservation of Brazilian fauna arachnids. 2010. XXVII Brazilian Congress of Zoology. Integration Inventories and Biodiversity programs.

Magnusson, W.E. -Project Meeting PPBio, CENBAM, PRONEX, PROCAD, SCENARIOS, LTER, PNPD in the classroom of the Postgraduate course of Ecology in 2010.

Costa, F.R.C. First Workshop of interaction between IBAMA / DILIC, Forest Service, CENBAM and PPBio, 2 and 3 March 2010, the IBAMA headquarters in Brasilia.

Costa, F.R.C. Seminar: "Targets, Forecast and Impact Of Detection under the Federal Environmental Licensing". 20 to 22 October 2009 at the headquarters of IBAMA in Brasilia.

Costa, F.R.C. Monitoring Workshop ARPA. February 10-12 2009, Brasilia.

Magnusson, WE, Costa, F., Pezzini, F. Workshop "National Strategy for Biodiversity Monitoring". Click here for more information on the course.