How to cite

The planning, design, maintenance, and management of the PPBio site is carried out with effort of many researchers and students. To ensure recognition of their work, we ask that you:

- Cite in your publications any information has been extracted.
- In your publications and presentations, funding agencies and members of the repository team that are not co-authors must be clearly acknowledged.


How to cite:

A citation for information extracted from the site follows the following pattern:
"Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio). 2012. Page Name. Page Link. Date of extraction [dd, mm, yyyy]"



- Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio). 2012. (This part stays the same)
- Page name: Specific page where the information was extracted. Eg: Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio). 2012. Sampling manuals and protocols. Date of extraction [dd, mm, yyyy]
- Date of extraction [dd, mm, yyyy]: Date the data was extracted.