Videos - Surveying and Monitoring (PPBio)

The PPBio team produced videos intended to assist researchers and environmental managers in sampling techniques and monitoring of target groups. These targets were selected based on the goals to be monitored by environmental agencies within research programs in protected areas, monitoring of timber concession activities, monitoring of implementation activities and operation of infrastructure works and others that provide for monitoring biodiversity.

Initially we selected five target groups for survey and monitoring modules and RAPELD bars: ferns, commercial trees, frogs, fish and primates. It is expected that over the long term, all groups surveys are made at all sites RAPELD, however this is not a viable short-term goal.

They are already available videos: Fish, Vegetation Structure, Commercial Trees, Ferns, Frogs, Primates, Understory Birds, Riparian Plots Installation and Soil collection.

The videos were narrated by Jansen Zuanon (Fish), Juliana Schietti (Vegetation Structure) Fernanda Coelho (
Commercial Trees ), Flavia Costa (Ferns), Pedro Ivo Simões (Frogs), Fabio Rohe and Adriane Morais (Primates), Marina Ancients and Anderson Bueno (Birds), Francisco Villamarin (Riparian Plots), Beto Quesada (Soils), all were produced by William Magnusson.
The videos can be seen through our channel on YouTube and can be downloaded in PPBio site (links below). The available files can be used for any purpose, provided that the original credits are cited.
LECTURE SPECIES RANGE DYNAMICS OF BIRDS - Watch on YouTube: - Species Range Dynamics of Birds
UNDERSTORY BIRDS - link for download
STREAM FISH - link for download - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3