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Species Identification Guides

Taxonomic identification is a key step in studies of biodiversity. For relatively well-known groups, PPBio promotes the production of species identification guides in a colorful format with excellent quality graphics written for a mixed audience, made up of scientists, students, tourists and others. The introductory sections, which occupy much of the content of the books are complete enough to be used by high school students in school projects. These guides are available for free in electronic format.

However, identification can be very time consuming to mega-diverse groups and little studied. For these, it is necessary to work with morphotypes in inventories, to the identification or description of the species. Therefore, the PPBio Portal Amazon offers virtual guides of various taxonomic groups being studied by researchers Program. These guides are preliminary and should not be used for definitive identifications. They are available to stimulate the communication between researchers and experts who can receive the material in the future, and to enhance communication among researchers doing surveys in different areas.


Guide to the frogs of the tapajós national forest 

Kelly Torralvo, Albertina Pimentel Lima, Rafael de Fraga, William E. Magnusson. - Manaus: Editora INPA, 2021.

Guia de Sapos Da Floresta Nacional Do Tapajos

Amazonian Fungi

Hunting Amazonian Fungi 1

Hunting Amazonian Fungi 2


The plants of Reserva Ducke

This is a collection of pdf files which will download in a rar (Flora Ducke).

It is written in Portuguese.


Guide to the Zingiberales of western Brazilian Amazon

- Sustainable Forest District BR 163, Amazonas, BRAZIL

Illustrated Guide and Leaf Architecture Manual for Timber Species in the Western Amazon

Obermuller, F. A., Daly, D., Oliveira, E. C., Polary, H., Oliveira, H. M., Souza, L. & SILVEIRA, M. Guia Ilustrado e Manual de Arquitetura Foliar para Espécies Madeireiras da Amazônia Ocidental. Rio Branco: G.K.Noronha, 2011. v. 1. 101 p.

Macrophytes of the PPBio Roraima


This guide is the result of a 2-year research project conducted by the authors in collaboration with the Federal University of Roraima.

Macrophytes of the PPBio Roraima
Costa, F. R. C., Espinelli, F. P. & Figueiredo, F. O. G. Guia de Zingiberales dos sítios PPBio na Amazônia Ocidental Brasileira. Manaus: Attema Design Editorial Ltda, 2011. v. 1. 284 p.

Cavalcante, C. O., Barbosa, R. I. & Flores, A. S. 2009. Leguminosas (Fabaceae) Herbáceas – Grades de Savana do Programa de Pesquisas em Biodiversidade (PPBio), Roraima, Brasil. Field Museum Guide Plants – Web Version

Guide to the Frogs of Reserva Ducke - Central Amazon 

(digital version updated, with movies of species)

Lima, A. P. ; Magnusson, W. E. ; Menin, M. ; Erdtmann, L. K ; Rpdrigues, D. J ; Keller, C. ; Hödl, W. Guia de Sapos da Reserva Adolpho Ducke: Amazônia Central. Manaus: Attema Design Editorial Ltda, 2008. 2ed. 177 p.


This is an electronic version of the new edition of the Frogs Guide of Reserva Ducke. This book is accompanied by a folder containing movies with the corner of each species, and this folder should be located in the same folder as the PDF file. The videos can be accessed in PDF file through the video camera icon in the description of each species. Unless otherwise indicated, the videos were filmed by Karl Mokross.

Guide to the Frogs of Reserva Ducke - Central Amazon


Lima, A. P., Magnusson, W. E., Menin, M., Erdtmann, L. K., Rpdrigues, D. J., Keller, C. & Hödl, W. Guia de Sapos da Reserva Adolpho Ducke: Amazônia Central. Manaus: Attema Design Editorial Ltda, 2006. 168 p.

Guide to the Lizards of Reserva Ducke



Vitt, L. J., Magnusson, W. E., Avila-Pires, T. C. S. & Lima, A. P. Guia de Lagartos da Reserva Adolpho Ducke, Amazônia Central.. Manaus: Attema Design Editorial Ltda, 2008. v. 1. 176 p.

Zuquim, G., Costa, F. R. C., Prado, J. & Tuomisto, H. Guia de identificação das samambaias e licófitas da REBIO Uatumã, Amazônia Central. Manaus: Áttema Design Editorial, 2008. 321 p.


Guide to the Marantaceae of Reserva Ducke and Rebio Uatumã - Central Amazon


Costa, F. R. C., Espinelli, F. P. & Figueiredo, F. O. G. Guia de idntificação das Marantáceas da Reserva Ducke e Reserva biológica do Uatumã. Manaus: Áttema Design Editorial, 2008. 154 p.


Ferns of Uatumã Biological Reservation (in English)


Zuquim, G. & Prado, J. Pteridophyta of Uatumã / Uatumã Biological Reserve, Central Amazonia, BRASIL. Chicago: The Field Museum of Chicago, 2008 (Material didático - guia fotográfico).

Guide to the ant genera in Brazil (in Portuguese)

Baccaro, Fabrício B.; Feitosa, Rodrigo M.; Fernandez, Fernando; Fernandes, Itanna O.; Izzo, Thiago J.; Souza, Jorge L. P. de; Solar, Ricardo. Manaus: Editora INPA, 2015. 388 p.

Guide to the Identification of Ants. Key to the main subfamilies and genera of ants.

Baccaro, F. B. Chave para as principais Subfamílias e Gêneros de formigas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 2006. (Desenvolvimento de material didático ou instrucional - Apostila).

Ant Guide
FREITAS, R. O. & CARRENHO, R. Guia Digital de Fungos Micorrízicos Arbusculares da Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke e Reserva do PDBFF. Manaus, 2013. 
Fungus Guide
BRAGA-NETO, R. Manaus, 2007.

Observando borboletas

Uma experiência para o monitoramento de fauna em Unidades de Conservação

Lançado o livreto "Observando Borboletas.

Observando Borboletas
Butterfly Guide
Guide to the Palms of BR-319 EMILIO, T. Guia digital Palmeiras da BR-319 2008 (Guia de campo).
Guide to the Palms of BR319


Online key for Fern identification of Uatumã - Central Amazon


The Field Guide Museum




Illustrated Guide to the Caimans Identification of Roraima
Souza, B. C. 2010. Guia Ilustrado de Identificação de Jacarés de Roraima. Universidade Federal de Roraima, Pro-Reitoria de Pesquisa e Pós Graduação, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Recursos Naturais. 13pp.