Coleção de sons e imagens das espécies.


The PPBio/CENBAM Biotecas are online collections of images and other types of media such as videos, sound recordings and references, with information from various groups of organisms. They are useful not only for the study and conservation of biodiversity, but also to provide information on the groups concerned to the general public. 
This is one of the initiatives of the Center for Integrated Studies of Amazonian Biodiversity (CENBAM), whose main objective is to create and consolidate production chains based on sound scientific knowledge that originate in biodiversity studies and end with information, products or processes that are of value to users in general. 
To date we have available online collections:
Frogs - Sapoteca
Fungi - Fungoteca
Harvestmen - Opilioteca
Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles - Cheloniateca (under construction)
Ixodoteca (Hard-bodied Ticks)
Anyone interested in joining this initiative and creating biotecas for other groups please contact us by email PPBio ( for more information.
Plants in the herbarium of INPA can be accessed too, at: