Calculation of the plot

The RAPELD plots follow the ground contour. This feature minimizes the internal variation of topography and soil types in each plot, and allows the use of these variables as predictors of species distributions. It does not necessarily follow a straight line and can present a winding path. Depending on the organism to be studied, the share varies in its width. For example, for soil fungi have the portion 25 cm wide and big trees (over 30 cm DBH), 40 m.

Thus, some segments may have some peculiarities as an overlay of the sampled area depending on the width of the parcel or segments with convex or concave areas sampled.

Taking into account these peculiarities, the calculation of the plot is specific and the script for this is available below:


Instructions for using the script are available here.

Script is available here.

Elaboration: David Valentim Dias e Adriane Morais