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Curso de Ecologia de Campo 2017 Target groups - Encontro das águas          

Workshop - vegetation structure - research module M12 of BR 319

Book Launch CENBAM/PPBio - 20/06/2014

CENBAM/PPBIO Simposium II Amazônia Ocidental

Socioeconomic and biodiversity survey course - Tupé and Reserva Ducke

Courses and workshops in Tefé Data Management Workshop PELD -UFRJ/Macaé/RJ  

10-20  Jun 2015


27–29 Nov 2013

19-30 Aug 2013

Apr/May 2013

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11-12 Dec 2012


Data Workshop NR Acre

Data Workshop Rondônia

Vegetation Structure - Reserva Humaitá Workshop in Data Management - Coari Seminar PPBio - Caatinga - Milagres - BA RAPELD Course - llha Grande  

22-23 Nov 2012

8 May 2012

5-22 Oct 2012

9-10 Oct 2012


Aug 2012

1-6 Aug 2012

Data Management - Biotrópicos/UFVJM - Diamantina, MG Biodiversity Studies in Permanent Plots -Santarém Monitoring Target Groups PELD Training - Recife Humaitá: New Regional Center. Week 1: The diversity of the middle Solimões - Coari  
Plot Installation Workshop Biodiversity surveys for decision making. Databank Workshop Biodiversity Monitoring Zingiberales Arachnids Course - Sinop  
Simposium 1    PPBio-CENBAM Basic RAPELD Course Acre: Course in  infrastructure installation Data bank Workshop PPBio CENBAM Training Course. Ecologia of the Amazon - ESEC Cuniã (RO)  
Maps and illustrations RAPELD Module BR319 Km 23 - Purupuru Cuniã: Survey Plots   C&T Seminar - UNIR Course in ESEC Cuniã RAPELD Module BR-319 - Km 615  
RAPELD Module BR-319 - Km 535 IBAMA Workshop Grid in ESEC Cuniã Amapá Maracá Viruá  
Rapeld Ilha Grande Data Management Workshop - NR Sinop Workshop: Biodiversity data managment and surveys. BR-319 PPBio Fungi of Amazônia RAPELD Module BR-319 - Km 535  
RAPELD Module BR-319 Km 300 C&T Seminar in Reserva Ducke