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Tefé Regional Center

The Tefé Regional Nucleus was created in 2013 and is currently based at the State University of Amazonas (UEA) and the Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development, both in Tefé. The regional nucleus is coordinated by researchers Guilherme Freire and Rafael Rabelo, and has as partners the State University of Amazonas (UEA/Tefé), the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute (IDSM) and the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio).

The activities of the nucleus began in April 2013 with the first Biodiversity Monitoring course and the installation of the first research module, located at Ponta da Castanha in the Tefé National Forest.

The nucleus already has a research module, following the standardized sampling system PPBio (RAPELD), where surveys and monitoring of target groups are being conducted. The goals for the coming years include: installing new modules in the Mamirauá and Amanã Sustainable Development Reserves, training human resources at all levels of training, and surveying and monitoring components of biodiversity and abiotic data.


Guilherme Freire

Universidade Estadual do Amazonas - UEA

Centro de Estudos Superiores de Tefé - CEST

Estrada do Bexiga, 1085 – Bairro Jerusalem – Tefé/AM – CEP 69470-000


Rafael Rabelo

Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável Mamirauá (IDSM/OS/MCTI)

Coordenação de Pesquisa e Monitoramento

Estrada do Bexiga, 2584 – Bairro Fonte Boa – Tefé/AM – CEP 69553-225