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Acre Regional Center

The Acre Regional Center (NR-AC) was established in 2006, It is based on the campus of Federal University of Acre (UFAC), in Rio Branco, It has the Biodiversity Research Group as hard core and partners as the Secretary of State for Industry, Trade and Sustainable Development Services and Agroforestry, Secretary of State for the Environment (SEMA), Acre Environmental Institute (IMAC), Agricultural and Forest Protection Institute of Acre (IDAF), State of Acre Technology Foundation (FUNTAC), INPA-AC, ICMBio, IBAMA, Agroforestry Research Center of Acre (CPAFAC-EMBRAPA), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Brazil) and North Educational Union (UNINORTE).  
Through PPBio inventories and surveys in Acre by local researchers and outside the state, the NR-AC seeks to improve the infrastructure of biological collections (herbarium, wood collection, ficológica, entomological, ichthyology, herpetological, ornithological and mastozoológica), which along with historical collections and art gallery, part of the University Museum of UFAC.
Sites PPBio, interests and initiatives of partners in NR
The actions taken by the NR-AC focus on inventory and monitoring of biodiversity in fragmented landscape east of Acre, in the cities of Senador Guiomard and Porto Acre, as well as in areas considered biological information gaps located in the Upper Purus River basin, municipality of Manoel Urbano, of relevant interest for conservation in the Upper Juruá basin in Cruzeiro do Sul municipality. 
The effects of fragmentation on biodiversity are being investigated in permanent plots installed in Experimental Farm Catuaba and Forest Reserve Humaita (dashed lines will be future installments that will be installed), while inventories in the gap region in a module installed on Chandless State Park by SEMA.
The implementation of these areas inventories is enhanced thanks to the synergy between the members of the NR-AC with the Amazon Forest Inventory Network (RAINFOR), supporting surveys of vegetation and the Graduate Program in Ecology and Natural Resource Management of UFAC who performs them the Field Ecology course, as occurred in 2010 and 2011.
Among the main productions of this NR First of Acre flora catalog, the book on the Acre Anurans and Illustrated guide and leaf architecture manual for timber species in the Western AmazonIn addition to articles for national and international magazines, the RN is preparing illustrated guides identification.
Collection Responsible Contact
Collection Ficológica Maria Rosélia Marques Lopes
Herbarium Rosângela Holanda
Xiloteca Moisés Silveira Lobão
Collection of Entomology (Hymenoptera Aculeata) Elder Ferreira Morato
Collection Ichthyological Lisandro Juno Soares Vieira
Mammals Collection Armando Calouro
Herpetological collection Moisés Barbosa de Souza
Ornithological collection Edson Guilherme
Marcos Silveira – Florística e Ecologia vegetal 
BR-364 Km 05
Bairro: Distrito Industrial
Rio Branco, AC