Médio Juruá (Mid-Juruá River)

Coordenator: Dr. Carlos Peres C.Peres@uea.ac.uk 
Funding: Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species – DEFRA/UK
Lead Institution: University of East Anglia
The main objective of this project is to better understand the large scale ecology of forest and aquatic resources in sustainable use reserves in the Amazon. However, the tracks can also be used for making inventories of other biological groups, provided that some priority restrictions are met (contact the coordinator for more information). A series of 90 trails of 4 to 5 km each were installed along a 350 km stretch of the middle Juruá River (see map) and some additional trails should be installed soon. The trails are distributed over várzeas, paleovárzeas or terra firmas.
Most of the trails are not easily accessible. More than 75% require 1-5 days of motorboat travel from Carauari or the SDS - The Amazonas Base in Bauana to reach the nearest communities, so logistical support (river transport) is essential for working in this region .
Study area of the Middle Juruá project. Click here to view the map with better resolution.