REBIO Uatumã

The Uatumã Rebio sampling site is a standard RAPELD grid (25 km2) which provides the most complete and useful data for long-term monitoring and geographical comparisons and are suitable for most analyzes. To ensure data compatibility, we suggest that you use the methods described in the metadata from previous PPBio studies, or include a calibration phase within the project. (Read more about data available on the PPBio Portal).

Rebio Uatumã covers 942,786 hectares and was created in 1990 to preserve the biological diversity of this dense tropical forest ecosystem. The reserve is located between the municipalities of Presidente Figueiredo, São Sebastião do Uatumã and Urucará in the Uatumã / Jatapu river basin. The reservoir and the barrier created by the Uatumã river protect rare and endemic species that are vulnerable or threatened with extinction. 

Infraestrutura para pesquisa

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The research sub-network "Vegetable Diversity and Bioactive Molecules in the Biological Reserve of Uatumã, Central Amazonia" was approved in 2005, (Edital MCT / CNPq / PPG7 no. 48/2005). This subnet is made up of four research projects. The research project "Biomass, Structure and Composition of the arboreal and herbaceous vegetation of the Biological Reserve of Uatumã, Central Amazonia" is one of them and in 2007 installed a grid of tracks, following the RAPELD methodology.

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