PARNA Jaú (National Park)

The Jaú National Park (PNJ) is the largest National Park in Brazil and the largest with continuous and intact tropical rainforest in the world. It is located in the municipalities of Novo Airão and Barcelos, 220 km from Manaus. Its name comes from one of the biggest Brazilian fish, the Jaú (of the tupi, ya'ú), that also gives its name to the principle river in the park. One of the most extraordinary peculiarities of the Jaú National Park is the fact that this is the only Conservation Unit in Brazil that totally protects and preserves the basin of a large (about 450 km) black water river ecosystem.
The choice of the grid installation site was based on an analysis of satellite images in the vicinity of Tiaracá lake, in the region of Seringalzinho. The Seringalzinho region gives access to several phytophysiognomies characteristic of the region and has relatively easy to access, due to its proximity to the mouth of the Jaú River, where the IBAMA inspection base is located. In addition, the region already has a research base in the Seringalzinho community, which was built by the Vitória Amazônica Foundation (FVA) with the technical cooperation of IBAMA for at least 10 years, and which had been used for field research activities in the region .
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