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Popularizing Science: Launch of the Illustrated Fish Guide of Igarapés of BR-319 and action of the Espaço Educadores project is promoted by LIOP in Humaitá

Aiming to bring students from the municipal network closer to Science, public schools in the municipality of Humaitá/AM participated in the launch of the “Illustrated Guide to the Fish of Igarapés da BR-319 – Southwest of the Amazon: an introduction to biodiversity”, carried out by the Ichthyology Laboratory and Fisheries Ordinance of the Madeira River Valley - LIOP in partnership with the Municipal Department of Education - SEMED.
The Fish Guide is the third produced for the BR-319 region and aims to provide a brief introduction to the biodiversity of the ichthyofauna of streams in the Purus-Madeira interfluve, its characteristics and curiosities. The resources for the production and printing of the fish guide were made available through funding granted by the Amazonas State Research Support Foundation to Dr. Marcelo Rodrigues dos Anjos, through notice No. 001/2022 - POP C, T&I., with the collaboration of the National Institute for Amazonian Research – INPA, the Biodiversity Research Program – PPBio, and the Synergize Project (SYNthesising Ecological Responses to deGradation In amaZonian Environments.
The event was held on the 8th and 9th of November 2022, in the court of the Irmã Carmen Cronenbold Municipal School, including a lecture on Amazonian biodiversity, a video showing the different stages of field research, dynamics with questions about the guide and the biodiversity of the region with prize draws for participants. In addition to the visit to LIOP where they saw the ichthyological collection and had contact with the microscope and other activities.