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The visit of seventh year students from Escola Municipal Dom Bosco

On the 26th and 27th of August, the LIOP Ichthyology and Fisheries Management Laboratory received a visit from seventh year students from the Dom Bosco Municipal School. They were welcomed by professor Marcelo Rodrigues dos Anjos responsible for the laboratory and by education coordinator Tainá Pereira Sena, who explained the history and projects under development at the opportunity.
The monitored visit is part of the actions foreseen in the “Espaços Educadores” project, which consists of bringing research laboratories closer to society, functioning as a bringer of good practices aimed at conservation, in addition to functioning as a training center and disseminator of techniques, processes and information. The students were guided on a journey of knowledge led by collaborators, where they were presented with the important biological collection, doubts were clarified about how the species were collected and prepared for their conservation and exhibition, information was covered about the enormous biodiversity of the Amazon rivers and the importance of its ichthyofauna. Other work such as monitoring fishing activity, technological innovation projects such as aquaponics, collection of genetic material and monitoring the effects of the urban flood pulse due to the loss of riparian vegetation with the use of drones. At the end of the visits, representatives of the visiting institution received materials produced in practical taxidermy, skeleton assembly and diaphanization workshops from the hands of the LIOP coordinator, encouraging the implementation of new laboratories in the area of science as alternative tools for the teaching and learning in schools in the region.