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Biodiversity surveys in the RAPELD 12 module of BR-319.

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 2019, collaborators from the Ichthyology and Fisheries Management Laboratory of Vale do Rio Madeira – LIOP, researchers from the Federal University of Rondônia, carried out biodiversity surveys in the RAPELD 12 module of BR-319, of the Biodiversity Research Program - PPBio.
During these days, data was collected about the projects: Investigation of the Fish Assembly in Igarapés Distributed in Module 12 on BR-319 of the PPBio Regional Center in Humaitá/AM Sudoeste da Amazônia; Identification of edible species of Polyporales (Basidiomycota) in a conservation unit in the Western Amazon, Humaitá-Amazonas in module 12 of PPBio, located on BR-319; Bioprospecting of entomopathogenic fungi (Ascomycota, Fungi) in a natural forest area in the Western Amazon; Survey of Anurans in Modules of the PPBio Biodiversity Research Program on BR-319, Southwest Amazonia. Collections will take place in quarterly campaigns, emphasizing the seasonal periods of flood, flood, low tide and drought.