INPA/CENBAM research paper published in Biological Conservation journal.


"Importance of matrix in determining small-mammal assemblages in Amazonian Forest-Savanna mosaic."

- Clarice Borges Matos, Susan Aragón, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da Silva, Marie-Josée Fortin, William E. Magnusson.

PPBio/CENBAM training. Plot installation in FLONA Tapajós.

January 6 to 15, 2017 in the Tapajós National Forest.
Training in the installation of permanent plots of uniform distribution, was presented by Thaiane Rodrigues de Sousa and Maria Aparecida de Freitas, of the Center for Integrated Studies of Amazonian Biodiversity (CENBAM) and Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio), in the meeting center of the Acaratinga community.

PPBio/CENBAM QGIS workshop in Manaus - 28/Nov/2016.

QGIS Map Making Workshop.

November 28 to December 2 - 2016