Ixodidae ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) associated with wild animals from forest fragments of Manaus

Carapatos Baner

Sérgio Luis Gianizella & Carlos Augusto Rodrigues do Nascimento

Clearing and maintenance of PPBio research trails.

Between December 2016 and January 2017, the access trails and corridors of 42 plots were cleaned and maintained at the  collection sites of the Experimental Plantation of UFAM and the 01 Module of BR 319 (Purupuru - Km 34). The maintenance of the trails is carried out periodically in order to improve access and facilitate the locomotion of researchers in the research plots.

PPBio Researcher publishes article in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

The study was was published by Ana Lúcia Tourinho and her collaborators on January 22, 2017.

Citizen Science Workshop. 14-15 February 2017

In February 2017 members of PPBio's Western Amazonian team were invited to participate in the 2 day Citizen Science Workshop in Brasilia. The objective of the workshop was to discuss key questions of Brazilian citizen science with the objective of creating a foundation for a SiBBr citizen science program.

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By Tim Vincent.


The geographic bias in Brazilian biodiversity sampling.

A linha de véu: a biodiversidade brasileira desconhecida.
The Veil Line: unknown Brazilian biodiversity.