The symposiums promoted by the National Institute of Integrated Studies of Amazonian Biodiversity (INCT CENBAM) and the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) - Western Amazon have as their main objective to promote dialogue among researchers from different regions of the Amazon and encourage the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in integrated ecological research activities and biodiversity monitoring.
During these meetings, the coordinators of the Regional Centers and the Managing Center present the general aspects of the centers, their results, new demands, challenges in the execution of work plans, and proposals for the future.
Students can also present the results of their studies in the form of panels and discuss them with an audience consisting of researchers from various Amazonian regions, thus increasing and strengthening knowledge in biodiversity. These works are compiled and presented in the form of a summary book, which is made available on the website.
The last day of the event aims to bring together the Coordinators of the Regional Centers and the Managing Center team in working groups, with the objective of discussing and developing strategies to achieve work goals that have not yet been reached.
The results of the activities (promotion, registration documents, presentation of the centers, panels, summary book, meeting minutes, and photographs) are made available on the PPBio website as soon as the event is concluded.
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