PELD Data Management

The objective of this project is to develop a data repository for the PELD Program - Long-Term Ecological Research, which has as one of its main missions the advancement of ecological knowledge in order to provide data to support decisions related to the management of natural resources. For this, a data storage, management and availability system developed by ILTER researchers and widely used by research networks around the world will be used. In this way, we simultaneously have independence over data management from the national PELD and integration with data from the ILTER network and other global research networks. The database will initially be tested at PELD site 1, using data that is already available on the PPBio website. Soon after, the bank will be replicated to all other sites. With this, we intend to guarantee the organization, quality and longevity of data generated in Long-Term Ecological Research. To download the proposal, click here.
Responsible: Antonio Manzi
National Amazon Research Institute