Pronex Fapeam 2009

The project "Comparative genomics of Amazonian fish in the face of different environmental challenges" aims to use classic and molecular cytogenetics, as well as DNA sequencing and gene expression to study repetitive DNA (transposable elements) of Amazonian fish species exposed to natural and anthropogenic environmental challenges. This will be a cross-cutting approach to the issue of genotypic plasticity, which falls under the extensionism axis of SIBRATEC, focused on the management process for innovation. Our goal is also to disseminate this type of approach in the state of Amazonas and train human resources so that these professionals can establish their own research groups to work in the Amazon region. Currently, the Animal Genetics-INPA group is the only one in the state working with cytogenetic aspects of fish and, with the support of associated laboratories, is innovatively carrying out comparative chromosomal physical mapping in species of the region and verifying the expression of genes of interest. In addition, the project will allow for the interiorization of the proposal, with the inclusion of the two established research groups that work with cytogenomic approaches in the interior of the Brazilian Amazon.
Responsible: Eliana Feldberg
National Institute of Amazonian Research