Leaf Litter Collection following fire on a RAPELD survey plot - Novo Airão.

      On November 5, 2015, CENBAM researchers carried out a tour of the municipality of Novo Airão, in order to verify the consequences of forest fires that took place on 20-22 September in a “campinarana” (meadowland) area. Due to the scarcity of data on fires in this type of environment, the researchers realized that this would be a  great opportunity to collect data to quantify the impact of fire at this time of year in the metropolitan region of Manaus.

The Return of Giant Otters to the Baniwa region.

       The giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) is the largest existing mustelid, endemic to Latin America. The species was considered to be locally extinct in many areas of its historical distribution due to intense commercial hunting for their valuable skin. Only with the hunting ban in Brazil in 1967, did the species began to show signs of population recovery.

CENBAM / PPBio promotes Course "Monitoring Groups-targets" in RFAD.

        The course "Monitoring target groups" took place in Reserva Ducke (RFAD), between 12th and 17th January 2016. It is sponsored by the Integrated Studies Center of Amazonian Biodiversity (CENBAM) and will be taught to students and faculty members of the department of Tropical Ecology, University of Salford, England. The course is divided into two parts the first of which will be in  RFAD and will address methods and techniques adopted by the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) to monitor trees, primates, ferns and fish.

Sampling of mammals is organized in a module NR Acre

Aconteceu entre os dias 17 a 22 de março de 2014, a primeira etapa das amostragens de pequenos mamíferos não voadores no módulo de pesquisa instalado na Reserva Florestal Humaitá, Acre .