Scenarios Project

Scenarios for the Amazon: Land Use, Biodiversity and Climate
The general objective is to integrate actions and competencies of three of the large research programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the Amazon, LBA (Large-Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Project in the Amazon), GEOMA (Thematic Network in Environmental Modeling of the Amazon) and PPBio (Biodiversity Research Program) and thus form more complete scenarios that allow expanding the technical-scientific basis and support for decision making at state and regional levels in the Amazon, increment and improve the dissemination actions of the generated knowledge and training of qualified human resources in the areas of action of the programs. ; The guiding axes of the project will be the search for the strengthening of scientific research infrastructure and the expansion of current activities and projects in collaboration with other regional institutional programs for the formation and/or consolidation of a complete database (multidisciplinary) that subsidizes research actions, monitoring and regional development.
Specific Objectives (Physical Goals):
1. Characterize the forest remnants and biodiversity of the region known as the "Arc of Deforestation" in the Brazilian Southern Amazon;
2. Evaluate the impacts of deforestation and global warming on the climate and biodiversity in various points of the Amazon, with an emphasis on the region of the "Arc of Deforestation";
3. Evaluate the degree of coupling between the microclimate and biodiversity in mature forest on a local scale (microscale);  
4. Evaluate changes and variations in biodiversity as a function of climate and land use and cover change in centers of endemism in the Amazon (mesoscale);
5. Produce land use models and scenarios in the Brazilian Amazon (macroscale);
6. Perform regionalized climate modeling for the Brazilian Amazon (macroscale).
Participating Institutions and respective coordinators:
National Institute for Amazonian Research  
Flávio Jesus Luizão -
Emilio Goeldi Museum  
Alexandre Aleixo -
National Institute for Space Research  
Maria Isabel Sobral Escada -
National Laboratory for Scientific Computing  
Pedro Leite da Silva Dias -