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  1. BRAGA, P. L. M.; BORGES, S. H.; PERES, C. A.; LOISELLE, B. A.; BLAKE, J. G.; MENGER, J.; BUENO, A. S.; ANCIÃES, M.; TEÓFILO, F. H.; MAXIMIANO, M. F. A.; SOUZA, A. H. N.; BOSS, R. L.; BACCARO, F. B. 2022. Connecting Amazonian historical biogeography and local assemblages of understorey birds: Recurrent guild proportionality within areas of endemism. Journal of Biogeography (2022) 49: 324-338.  Palavras-chave: areas if endemism, diversity patterns, guild proportionality, historical biogeography, interspecific competition, understorey birds. DOI: 10.1111/jbi.14301. Disponível online

  2. COSTA, F. R. C.; SCHIETTI, J.; STARK, S. C.; SMITH, M. N. 2022. The other side of the tropical forest drought: do shallow water table regions of Amazonia act as large-scale hydrological refugia from drought? New Phytologist (2022). Palavras-chave: climate change forecasting, ecosystem function, hydrological regimes, soil  moisture, tipping points, tropical forests. DOI: 10.1111/nph.17914. Disponível online

  3. NYHOLT, K.; JARDINE, T. D.; VILLAMARÍN, F.; JACOBI, C. M.; HAWES, J. E.; CAMPOS-SILVA, J. V.; SRAYKO, S.; MAGNUSSON, W. E. 2022. High rates of mercury biomagnification iin fish from Amazonian floodplain-lake food webs. Science of The Total Environment, v. 833, 10 August 2022, 155161. Palavras-chave:  trophic magnification, methylmercury, Arapaima, Subsistence fishing, low-water season, falling-water season. DOI: Disponível online

  4. RABELO, R. M.; OLIVEIRA, I. F.; MAGNUSSON, W. E. 2022. Finding a lost species in the ‘Lost World’: predicted habitat occupancy by an endemic butterfly in a Neotropical sky-island archipelago. Insect Conservation and Diversity (2022) 15, 128-135. Palavras-chave: Antirrhea, Bayesian occupancy model, detectability, endemism, last glacial maximum, Pantepui, species distribution modelling, Vicariance-Migration hypothesis.  DOI: 10.1111/icad.12521. Disponível online

  5. SALOMÃO, R. P.; PIRES, D. de A.; BACCARO, F. B.; SCHIETTI, J.; VAZ-DE-MELO, F. Z.; LIMA, A. P.; MAGNUSSON, W. E. 2022. Water table level and soil texture are important drivers of dung beetle diversity in Amazonian lowland forests. Applied Soil Ecology, v. 170, February 2022, 104260. DOI: Palavras-chave: neotropics, Scarabaeinae, Soil granulometry, Tropical rainforest. Disponível online

  6. SANTOS, M.; ALENCAR, L.; GUILHERME, E. Black Manakin (Xenopipo atronitens) as a keystone species for seed dispersal in a white-sand vegetation enclave in Southwest Amazonia. COMMUNITY ECOLOGY (2022). Palavras-chave: Interspecifc interaction · Interaction network · Mutualistic networks · Seed dispersal · The white-sand vegetation. 

  7. VILLACORTA, C. D. A.; CARVALHO, L. C. S.; NASCIMENTO, M. T.; BARBOSA, R. I. 2022. Pedoenvironments driving the monodominance of Peltogyne gracilipes (Leguminosae) in the Northern Amazon, Brazil. Revista Agro @ mbiente On-line, 16. Palavras-chave: Drainage. Environmental filters. Seasonal forests. Maracá island. Roraima. Disponível online