Atlantic Forest

Ilha Grande State Park (PEIG) and Praia do Sul State Biological Reserve (RBEPS): are located on Ilha Grande, an island which has a total area of 19,300 ha. The two modules have 5 km2 , with the PEIG module having 10 uniformly distributed plots and 8 riparian plots, and the RBEPS module has 5 uniformly distributed plots and 1 riparian plot. The plots are located in dense ombrophilous forest, alluvial forest, and restinga. The State University of Rio de Janeiro has a research base (CEADS) in Vila Dois Rios that is used to access the PEIG module.

Southern Brazilian Grasslands

The PPBio Southern Brazilian Grasslands Network consists of 15 sampling sites distributed throughout the South Brazilian grassland region (‘Campos Sulinos’), an exceptionally diverse natural grassland region located in the southernmost part of Brazil.