Annual Meeting - 5th CENBAM Symposium - PPBio Western Amazon

The Annual Meeting - 5th CENBAM Symposium and Western Amazon PPBio took place from June 28th to 30th, 2023, at the Amazon Research Institute - INPA. It brought together researchers, students, and fellows affiliated with the Western Amazon Biodiversity Research Program - PPBio AmOc and linked to the Center for Amazonian Biodiversity Studies - CENBAM, as well as postgraduate students from INPA.


What is PELD?

Preserving Indigenous Languages: The Power of Translating Books for Cultural Preservation and Inclusion

Translating books into indigenous languages is a way to recognize and value the cultural heritage, knowledge, and rights of indigenous peoples. It promotes inclusivity, preserves cultural diversity, and contributes to the overall well-being and empowerment of indigenous communities.