RAPELD - A measurement and analysis of scholarly literature.

Figure 1. International links of the RAPELD system based on a scientometric study of >100 publications. The thickness of lines is proportional to the number of joint authors.


In the northern Pantanal, the complete grid of permanent plots has been precariously maintained in Pirizal. This grid was physically established, with a concrete frame at zero point and an iron rod marked along the 250 m of each parcel.

São Nicolau Farm - Cotriguaçu

The module IV was built in native forest on the São Nicolau Farm in 2010/2011 covering an area of 5 km². This module has 12 one-hectare LTER plots. The vegetation is characterized as an open and dense rainforest with soil clay. In the area are common tree species such as Bertholletia excelsa, Copaifera langsdorffii, Hymenaea courbaril, and Swietenia macrophylla together with shrub-tree species from the families Moraceae, Fabaceae, Lauraceae and Burseraceae.