PELD Amazônia

Anthropogenic Impacts on the Tropical Forest Ecosystem. MANAUS Website (INPA Forest Reserves).
Project approved in the MCT/CNPq Notice No. 59/2009 - Public Selection of Proposals for support to projects under the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (PELD). The objectives of this project are: 
(a) To monitor and describe changes in carbon stocks in standing vegetation biomass, necromass, and litter over time, due to direct anthropogenic changes (forest fragmentation and exploitation), climate change, and understand the synergies between these changes; 
(b) To monitor and describe the dynamics of selected populations and communities, in response to direct anthropogenic changes, climate change, and their synergies; 
(c) To develop predictive models of temporal changes in biotic components based on environmental variation in space; 
(d) To monitor variation in groundwater levels and watercourses and their relationship with vegetation dynamics, and develop predictive models for vegetation changes based on changes in the water regime; 
(e) To widely disseminate the project results to different audiences, contributing to the conservation of the Ducke Reserve and the valorization of the natural resources found therein. To download the project, click here.
Responsible: Flávia Regina Capellotto Costa
National Institute of Amazonian Research