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In nature, fungi are the major decomposers of organic matter in forest ecosystems, recycling limiting nutrients for primary production in tropical forests. In the Amazon, climate conditions are optimal for observing a large number of species of macroscopic fungi.

Allobates nunciatus

Alobates nunicatus

Figure 1. Individuals of the species, Allobates nunciatus Moraes, Pavan & Lima 2019, including two adult males (A, B), one adult female (C) and one young (D).

Photographs by: J. Cassimiro (A), J. Gomes (B) and L. Moraes (C, D).

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Names of species

Class Amphibia

Order Anura

Family Aromobatidae

Amazonian Fungi.

The Antibacterial Activity of Lentinula raphanica Collected in the Central Amazon.