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Species Identification Guides

Taxonomic identification is a key step in studies of biodiversity. For relatively well-known groups, PPBio promotes the production of species identification guides in a colorful format with excellent quality graphics written for a mixed audience, made up of scientists, students, tourists and others. The introductory sections, which occupy much of the content of the books are complete enough to be used by high school students in school projects. These guides are available for free in electronic format.

Calculation of the plot

Updated: Aug 17 2018. Tim Vincent.

Welcome to PPBio Western Amazonia

INCT CENBAM (The Amazonian Biodiversity Studies Centre) was created in 2009 with the principle objective of consolidating outputs based on firm scientific knowledge that start with biodiversity studies and end with information, products and processes that are useful to specific users in the short, medium and long-term. It coordinates a network of Amazonian and extra-Amazonian institutions involved in biodiversity studies.