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NASCIMENTO, M.T.; BARBOSA, R.I.; DEXTER, K.G.; VOLKMER, C.C.; CARVALHO, L.C.S.; VILLELA, D.M. 2017. Is the Peltogyne gracilipes monodominant forest characterised by distinct soils? Acta Oecologica 85 (2017) 104–107. Disponível online

The book "Ana amopö - Yanomami Mushrooms" is a finalist in the 59th edition of the Jabuti Prize in the Gastronomy category.

The book is the initiative of Yanomami indigenous researchers in conjunction with the Socio-environmental Institute and the collaboration of the INPA's Amazonian Mushroom Research Group, led by the CENBAM deputy coordinator Dr. Noemia Kazue Ishikawa. The final result will be announced on October 31st and the Jabuti 2017 ceremony will be on November 30th.





Oct. 9, 2017