Pteronotus gymnonotus

Pteronotus gymnonotus

Pteronotus alitonus

Pteronotus alitonus is a medium-sized bat in the Mormoopidae family, measuring 5.8 to 6.4 cm and weighing between 20 and 26 g. It is easily confused with P. rubiginosus, for which characteristics of the skull and dentition should be seen in detail (Pavan et al., 2018). The coat is dense and short (6 mm), ranging from light brown and dark brown to reddish.

Cormura brevirostris

Cormura brevirostris

Eptisecus sp.

Eptisecus brasiliensisEptisecus sp.

3 possible species of the genus Eptisecus have been registered in Brazil: E. brasiliensis, E. chiriquinus and E. furinalis.

This genus generally comprises small to medium sized bats;

Pteronotus rubiginosus

Pteronotus rubiginosus 


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