The Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) - Rio Negro.

Tim Vincent 16/01/2017

The Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) was created in 2008 by Law 3.355 and has a total area of ​​103,086 hectares. The reserve is located in the state of Amazonas, within the municipalities of Manacapuru, Iranduba and Novo Airão. Access to the RDS is from Novo Airão via the Rio Negro river or from Manaus by road along the AM-070 to Manacapuru and then the AM-352, Manacapuru-Novo Airão road, which is also called the Manairão Road. 

The area where the RAPELD search module is being installed is located at km 26 of AM-352 (Uga-Uga branch) at coordinates W 60 44 '27.2 "; S 034 '14.5 ".

The reserve is classified as Dense Ombrophylous Forest and it is ecologically important due to the presence of vulnerable endemic species and the potential for discovering new species. There are also vegetation assemblies of high importance for conservation and a large variety of water bodies; lakes, beaches, igarapés, igapós and fauna and flora endemic to the Rio Negro/Solimoes and a high potential for ecotourism, especially community-based tourism and ornithological tourism.


(Adapted from

CEUC; ARPA. Term of Reference (in portuguese) for the legal contracting of services for the preparation of the biological, physical, socioeconomic, tourist potential and consolidation of Volume I and II of the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve Management Plan. New Airão, August 28, 2013.


Researchers at PPBio together with locally contracted assistants have started developing a 5x1km module and have already prepared a number of permanent 250m plots for carrying out ecological surveys.


PDFof the general area.

PDF - New Map 2021

PDF of the permanent plots.

PDF - Overview






Sandy Soil Area.


Campinas Orchid




Forest Trail

Forest Stream

Photos by Tim Vincent