Infrastruture - Fazenda São Nicolau Module - Cotriguaçu/MT

The farm's landscape is anthropogenic, composed of secondary forests, known as capoeiras, in various phases of recovery and areas of old pastures where reforestation was implemented. The farm has about 7,500 hectares of open and dense native rainforest.

Infrastruture Módulo 3 - Fazenda Iracema, Cláudia/MT

Fazenda Iracema is located in the region known as “Dry Forests of Mato Grosso”, which covers part of the states of Mato Grosso (north) and Pará (south). Its total area corresponds to about 10% of the Amazon Biome and constitutes a transition zone, limited to the north and west by the rainforest, and to the east and south by the Cerrado. The vegetation consists of tree species and features of the Amazonian transition forest.