Infrastruture Cuniã

The total area of ​​ESEC Cuniã is 125,849.23 hectares, divided into two distinct areas, adjacent to Resex Cuniã, called area I and area II. Access to the east side of areas I and II is made by river via the Madeira River, towards Porto Velho - Manaus, to the District of Nazaré, for access to area I and, to the riverside communities Pau D´Arco and Belém, to access to area II. The use of the Madeira River to move around makes it possible to reach the lakes and streams of the unit, especially the Aponiã stream, Capitari stream and Lagos Peixe boi, Barraquinha and Pau D´Arco. Access to the west side of the unit is via the BR-319, towards Porto Velho - Humaitá-AM, making it possible to travel to the mainland area, in particular the open rainforest of the Amazon biome. 120 km from Porto Velho on the BR-319.
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30 permanent plots systematically distributed over 25 km2.
Access infrastructures in the field
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Geographic coordinates
West: -63.49445167
East: -63.44897028
North: -8.115155556
South: -8.069815
Transportation (cars, flying boats, etc. available)
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Technical support
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Ângelo Gilberto Manzatto
Coordinator of the PPBio Nucleus - RO
Department of Biology
Federal University of Rondônia - UNIR
Gizele Braga Silvino
Geographer - Environmental Analyst
Integrated Management Cuniã Jacundá
ESEC Cuniã - Porto Velho RO
Adeilza Felipe Sampaio
Cuniã PPBio / Rondônia grid manager.
Campus - BR 364, Km 9.5. CEP: 78900-000 - Porto Velho - RO.
Phone: 69-99735096