Module KM 83

In this location, the modules are smaller than the original design of PPBio, given the existence of large lakes that prevented the opening of continuous trails of 5 km. Therefore, three modules were installed, respectively, 3 km (“Course”), 2.5 km (“Raimundo”) and 1 km (“ZéVaqueiro”) in length. The plots are arranged every 1km along the trails, with 4 plots on the “Curso” trail, 3 on the “Raimundo” trail and 2 on the “Zévaqueiro” trail.
The km 83 module is located 20 km north of the municipality of Castanho. The altitude, estimated by SRTM Infographic Radar images, ranged from 38 to 44 m. In this region, the RADAMBRASIL Project identified two geomorphologies: DT (mega strands) and DC, and the sampling plots are all on the DT geomorphology.