Approved project in Call CNPq/MCTI/CNFAP-FAPs/PELD nº21/2020 - Long-Term Ecological Research Program - PELD.

The general objective of the project is to understand ecosystem processes, biological interactions, and human impacts on biodiversity in the southwest region of the Amazonas state. Its specific objectives are:

  1. Re-sample biological groups in the sampling modules that were sampled in the last 10 years and assess the effect of the BR-319 highway on these groups.

  2. Develop a rapid sampling method for understory plants that can be used by ICMBio in the MONITORA program and determine its relationship with frugivorous butterfly assemblages already sampled in the program.

  3. Test the capacity of low-cost NIR spectrophotometers to identify organisms in the field.

  4. Determine if sodium (Na) is limiting for pollination and decomposition processes in the southwest region of the Amazonas state.

  5. Produce educational materials to be used in classes for students in the region.