New Regional Centers

With the release of Announcement MCT/CNPq/PPBio No. 60/2009 in October 2009, aimed at strengthening the Biodiversity Research Program - PPBio, new Regional Centers have been approved. Currently, the Western Amazon PPBio encompasses a network of eight research projects and six institutions (INPA, UFAM, UNIR, UFMT, UFRR, and UFAC). A new Regional Center in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM) is also set to be established soon.

Approved Projects:
Regional Center Acre
Responsible: Marcos Silveira
Responsible: Ana Claudia Kaminski
Participating Institution: Federal University of Amazonas - Coari Institute of Health and Biotechnology, UFAM ISB/Coari
Responsible: Marcelo Menin
Proponent: Angelo Gilberto Manzatto
Participating Institutions: Federal University of Rondônia (Unir), São Lucas College of Porto Velho (FSL/PVH)
Regional Center Roraima
Responsible: Marcos Vital
Regional Center Sinop
Responsible: Domingos Rodrigues