PPBio Argentina

PPBio Argentina started with the PhD project of Lic. Ana Cecilia Ochoa from Universidad Nacional de San Luis, San Luis. She installed a RAPELD module in Parque Nacional Sierra de Las Quijadas to study the small mammals there after learning about RAPELD and PPBio during a trip to Brazil where she spent a few days days at Ilha Grande working as a volunteer on a project.
Later, in 2016,  a module was opened in Villa Mercedes in a shrubland habitat known as "Pastizal". In 2018, another module was opened in La Florida, a basecamp of the University.
The university (Universidad Nacional de San Luis) wrote the following; "Professionals linked to environmental sciences have a novel program that allows the study of biodiversity through a data integration methodology to work in different disciplines with different organisms and scales in same sites." - Implementan un programa que mide la biodiversidad a escala mundial.