New book to publicise the native mammal species from PPBio Argentina: Marsupials and Rodents Catalog of San Luis published on the UNSL- Nueva Editorial Universitaria website.

PPBio Argentina Marsupials Book


Biodiversity is a fundamental part of the natural heritage, and lack of knowledge hinders its conservation. According to the authors, students, teachers, researchers and collaborators of @unslactiva, nobody can value what they do not know.
In order to disseminate the biodiversity of the marsupials and rodents of San Luis (Argentina), the "Marsupiales y Roedores de la Provincia de San Luis" guide was prepared for use by the general public and school teachers, aiming to raise their awareness about its ethical, aesthetic, biological and patrimonial value.
The book was deigned and coordinated by Ana Ochoa and Ailin Gatica together with a team of 7 authors, 11 photographers and 4 illustrators.
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