PELD Amazônia

Anthropogenic Impacts on the Tropical Forest Ecosystem. MANAUS Website (INPA Forest Reserves).
Project approved in the MCT/CNPq Notice No. 59/2009 - Public Selection of Proposals for support to projects under the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (PELD). The objectives of this project are: 

New Regional Centers

With the release of Announcement MCT/CNPq/PPBio No. 60/2009 in October 2009, aimed at strengthening the Biodiversity Research Program - PPBio, new Regional Centers have been approved. Currently, the Western Amazon PPBio encompasses a network of eight research projects and six institutions (INPA, UFAM, UNIR, UFMT, UFRR, and UFAC). A new Regional Center in São Gabriel da Cachoeira (AM) is also set to be established soon.

Taxonomy and Systematics of Fishes of Streams of the Purus-Madeira Interfluve

The report describes a training course on the taxonomy and systematics of fish from streams in the Purus-Madeira interfluve region of the Amazon. The course was held in May 2023 at the Ichthyology and Fisheries Management Laboratory (LIOP) of the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM) in Humaitá, Brazil.