The symposiums promoted by the National Institute of Integrated Studies of Amazonian Biodiversity (INCT CENBAM) and the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) - Western Amazon have as their main objective to promote dialogue among researchers from different regions of the Amazon and encourage the participation of undergraduate and graduate students in integrated ecological research activities and biodiversity monitoring.

Annual Meeting - 5th CENBAM Symposium - PPBio Western Amazon

The Annual Meeting - 5th CENBAM Symposium and Western Amazon PPBio took place from June 28th to 30th, 2023, at the Amazon Research Institute - INPA. It brought together researchers, students, and fellows affiliated with the Western Amazon Biodiversity Research Program - PPBio AmOc and linked to the Center for Amazonian Biodiversity Studies - CENBAM, as well as postgraduate students from INPA.


Project approved in CNPq / MCTI / CNFAP-FAPs / PELD Call no. 21/2020 - Long-term Ecological Research Program - PELD.

The general objective of the project is to understand ecosystemic processes, biological interactions and human impacts on biodiversity in the southwestern Amazon region. Its specific objectives are: