Project produces educational games based on the diversity of snakes and fish in Humaitá.

The "Desvendando a biodiversidade amazônica da BR-319 por meio de jogos educativos" project, supported by the Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa no Estado do Amazonas (FAPEAM), has developed two educational games about the diversity of snakes and fish found along the BR-319 highway in Humaitá, Amazonas. The games aim to increase awareness and knowledge of the local biodiversity and the importance of conservation for ecosystem services and social well-being.


The ProSET - Program for the Stimulation of Human Resources Fixation of Interest to Sectoral Funds - aims to stimulate the retention of human resources in the country with outstanding academic performance and/or recognized professional competence in areas related to Sectoral Funds, preferably in regions considered more deprived. In 2010, three ProSET projects related to PPBio were approved. To learn about each of them, see below:
ProSET Françoise Yoko Ishida - Hydrology and Geochemistry
National Institute of Amazonian Research


The PNPD (National Postdoctoral Program) is a CAPES program that aims to promote scientific, technological, and innovation research activities by selecting proposals that seek to temporarily absorb young PhD graduates with relative experience in R&D&I and training to work on research and development projects in strategic areas, and to strengthen national postgraduate programs and research groups. In 2009, two projects were submitted, one by the Postgraduate Program in Ecology and another by Entomology, both from INPA.