INPA publisher launches the book "Mercado & Biodiversidade"

Mercado & BiodiversidadeThe INPA publisher launches the book "Mercado & Biodiversidade", written by Dr. Reinaldo Corrêa Costa, by master Bárbara Evelyn da Silva Ferreira and by Dr. Cecília Veronica Nunez, is the synthesis of 6 years of research on the production chain.
The market for bioproducts (products produced from the region's biodiversity) in Manaus has been expanding over the past ten years. The bioproducts researched in this work are phytotherapics and phyto cosmetics, which are the most commercialized in Manaus, produced from andiroba, copaíba and cupuaçu. The main objective of this work is to analyze the relationship between society and nature through the biodiversity market in Amazonas, identifying which are the territorial formations linked to the biodiversity market. The Socio-spatial Formation and the Geosystem are the theoretical and methodological bases from which our approaches to analyze this market and the natural basis of the raw material started. The production chain of bioproducts starts in the field, where raw materials and peasant labor are located, so understanding the space of bioproducts is important to understand the relationship between society and nature and how it is consolidated. In this market there is much speculation about the potential of the region's biodiversity and its economic use, however, the market for bioproducts is not yet consolidated in Manaus.
Text Cecília Nunez and Maria Aparecida de Freitas
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