Integrated Inter-Agency Networks.

PPBio manages a large large biological database. The form of management is decentralized and uses a model composed of partnerships between institutions in the form of Core Centres (CCs) and Regional Centers (RCs). It is up to the CCs involved to coordinate research, training and information management of each network and the regional centers of local development and maintenance of its research collections, and do this in coordination with the RCs in their network. This is achieved using the existing scientific potential of the centers in the rural Amazonian regions, and by increasing empowerment of regional populations and traditional local people.

In the Amazon, the network has PPBio, the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), Manaus, and the Goeldi Museum (MPEG) in Belém, acting as RCs and holders of the largest and most significant botanical and zoological collections in terms of extent and representativeness of Amazonian organisms. However, several other institutions in the region are also important to regional or local collections. The RCs work with more than 20 other research institutions across the states of Acre, Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia, Mato Grosso and Amapá, that operate as RCs.

Besides these, network members also include institutions that hold large collections of specimens and/or information about the Amazonian biota, but which are based in other states or countries.

Photo: Célio Magalhães