Infrastruture Viruá (National Park)

Land access is via the Perdida road, connected to BR-174, ca. 52 km after Caracaraí.
Redário that accommodates approximately 15 chains; the headquarters has a large area that can be used by tents.
Electric power to generator, switched on for two periods: one in the morning, another at night, from 6 pm to 9 pm.
A building with a balcony. Balcony with space for 15 hammocks and three beds.
It is located near the N03 / L03 point, to the right of the L03_2050 section. In good condition. If there is interest in the use, prior notice to the park management is recommended so that cleaning (water tanks, water well, etc.) can be carried out in the area.
30 permanent plots systematically distributed over 25 km2.
17 parcels are subject to flooding during the winter period (Jun-Sep), having predominantly sandy soils: L01_2500, L01_4500, L02_3500, L02_4500, L03_0500, L03_4500, L04_0500, L04_3500, L05_4500, L05_0500, L05_0500, L05_0500, L05_0500 L06_1500, L06_2500 and L06_4500.
The L06_3500 plot has a lake along its entire length.
Access infrastructures in the field
(under construction)
Geographic coordinates
West: -61.0386
East: -61.0027
North: +1.4858
South: +1.441
The BR-174 road to the park's headquarters has ca. 6km long and can be done with a small car only during the dry period. During the rainy season (jun-set), it is recommended to use a car with 4 x 4 traction.
In case the researcher does not have his own driving, it is recommended to contact Antonio Lisboa ( to check the availability of an ICMBio car belonging to the Park to pick up the "researcher" at the Caracaraí bus station or at the entrance to the Lost Road.
Technical support
Contact with field assistants must be made through Antonio Lisboa ( or Beatriz Lisboa (, both analysts at the Park. Below is an alphabetical list with the names of the assistants.
Adalberto (field assistant, boat pilot);
Agnaldo Nogueira de Souza “Caçula” (field assistant, plant collector);
Antonio Magalhães da Silva “Madruga” (field assistant, cook);
Edneilson "Maranhense" (field assistant);
Everaldo Dias de Araújo (field assistant);
Francisco Estevão da Silva "Chico Buzina" (field assistant);
Maxwell da Silva Santos (field assistant);
João (field assistant);
Iran das Chagas Almeida (field assistant);
Wicles Santos Batista "Doquinha" (field assistant, plant collector, climber).
Antonio Lisboa
Tel - (95) 3623-9513
Beatriz Lisboa