Infrastruture - Fazenda São Nicolau Module - Cotriguaçu/MT

The farm's landscape is anthropogenic, composed of secondary forests, known as capoeiras, in various phases of recovery and areas of old pastures where reforestation was implemented. The farm has about 7,500 hectares of open and dense native rainforest.
The São Nicolau farm is crossed by the state highway MT 170 that connects the municipality of Cotriguaçu to other regions. The MT 208 road from Sinop-MT connects to MT 170 near the same municipality. Between the city of Nova Bandeirante and Cotriguaçu, the Juruena river is crossed by ferry. The MT 170 highway, which is not paved, is maintained by the government, which sometimes makes access difficult. The other roads serve as access to plantations and for daily livestock maintenance activities, in addition to firebreaks. The farm also has an airstrip for small aircraft, duly approved by the civil aviation department.
To house workers (researchers and students), the farm has two accommodations equipped with bathrooms with a capacity for up to 80 people.
A lounge with air conditioning and accommodation for 70 people was built. Environmental education activities, courses, lectures are held at this location, and laboratories for campaigning are structured. The farm also has electricity, emergency generator and internet access. In addition, the farm has a cafeteria-cafeteria with three daily meals and an average capacity of 40 people.
The farm does not have an area for camping since the accommodation supplies the accommodation needs.
The module consists of six trails in the North-South direction and two trails in the East-West direction, spaced at 1 km, forming a rectangle of 5 km2. A permanent plot of 250 m was installed at each kilometer of this system, resulting in 12 land parcels
Access infrastructures in the field
Access in the field to the plots of the module is made by the roads from inside the São Nicolau farm, through which it is possible to access plots 1, 2, 3 and 5. The relatively flat relief facilitates locomotion within the farm, but they are still necessary traction cars.
Geographic coordinates
09 ° 49 ’09.0’ ’S
58 ° 15 ’31.1’ ’W
Mitsubishi L200 Savana
Ford F350
Ford Ranger
Mitsubishi L200
Motorised Canoe
Technical support
ONF Brasil
Detail image of the Cotriguaçu module.
Prof. Dr. Domingos de Jesus Rodrigues