Infrastruture KM 100 Module

From Manaus there are approximately 110 km of paved road and 2 km of dirt road. It is necessary to cross only one ferry (Ceasa R $ 35.00) to reach the module. The module is located on the AM-354 highway that is accessed at Km 100 of the BR-319. When entering the AM-354 towards the city of Manaquiri, walk 10 km and turn right on a branch of land and walk around 2 km until you reach Mr. Davi's house, where the camp and access to the trails are located . The conditions of the BR-319 and AM-354 are good, however the branch is in poor condition and is inaccessible depending on the time of year. In the dry season it is possible to reach Mr. Davi's house by car, however in the rainy season the car must be at the beginning of the branch (including cars with 4X4 traction) due to the risks of jam. In the event of a car jam, you should enlist the help of the tractor which is located 3 km ahead of the branch on AM-354 and you can borrow a bicycle from the bar owner at the branch to call you. To load luggage and equipment during this rainy season, one can go to Mr. Chico who has a donkey and a cart, as there is no bad weather that they do not cross. However, he has no phone and is not always at home. He lives about 10 minutes walk after Mr. Davi's house.
Conditions of the trails and camps
The camp is around 250m away from the branch. The camp has been renovated since 12/04/2011 and has the capacity to house up to 15 people. The trails were opened in August 2009 and are in good condition. Recently some gaps of around 30m in diameter have been opened in the region, with the purpose of demarcating those lands and some gaps are located within the module. Three clearings are located on the access trail and the rest on the southern trail, which makes walking difficult, especially if you need to carry some equipment (for example traps). But the plots were not affected. There are at least 3 dashes between the N and S trails made by PPbio, located at 0m, 1100m and 3700m, the rest of the connections are hunter paths and terrain boundaries that can also be used. Before scheduling your visit, contact regarding camp conditions and availability.
What's nearby?
At the edge of the branch with the AM-354 there is a bar and a grocery store that sells some basic, but expensive products. It is recommended for this module that they are already prepared with the necessary supplies, as transportation and access to groceries are complicated.
Where to get water?
In the M02 there is a well with a wooden box dug 10m from the camp, on the edge of a stream. During the rainy season, both the well and the igarapé remain with water, however in the dry season they dry out, making access to water difficult. During the rains, the well water must be treated with chlorine both for direct consumption and for cooking food. During this period there is also the possibility to collect rainwater that offers less health risks. In summer it is recommended to bring drinking water for consumption, as the road allows access to Mr. Davi's house. Water is used for the bath.
Local staff
If you are going to need someone to assist in the field at M02, there is a possibility to hire Mr. Davi but it is good to contact him before you that he will be available to do the service and receive you at the camp. He is responsible for the rope and bucket of water from the well. The most recommended, in this case, is to take someone guaranteed to help in the field work.
The M02 camp is set back from the highway, the branch is not very busy and is within Mr. Davi's land and there have never been incidents of theft or the entry of strangers into the site. However, in the module there are some hunters from the region, who can arrive at the camp at any time, so care must be taken with valuables. Care should be taken with food due to Mr. Davi's dogs that love to devour food that is on the stove or even in the lower part of the cupboard. You should put all the food on top of the cupboard and suspend the garbage.
If you need help
If it is necessary to go in search of provisions and telephone contact, the closest option is the municipality of Careiro-Castanho (20 km from the module). In the municipality of Careiro-Castanho there are some grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stands, public telephones, gas station, post office, lan-house, restaurants, snack bars, pharmacy, hospital, police station, Bradesco bank, hardware store. construction and agriculture, etc. The cellular signal from Vivo and Claro also works, but not always. Tax invoice and coupon can be obtained for some products and services if you are not in a hurry and very patient.

Term of commitment and rules of conduct


Before going to the field, you must download, read and sign the Term of Commitment and Standards of Conduct of BR-319 and send it to the PPBio Management at email
Download the official GIS with all points along the BR-319: Shapefiles Modules BR-319
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