PPBio / CENBAM in partnership with RAINFOR promote workshop on data analysis and management of permanent plots

14, April 2016

PPBio-RAINFOR Workshop

The Amazon Forest Inventory Network (RAINFOR) in partnership with the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) and the Center for Integrated Amazonian Biodiversity Studies (CENBAM) will promote the workshop "PPBioRAINFOR: workshop on analysis and management of vegetation data" .
The course will take place at the National Institute of Amazonian Research, LBA auditorium, from April 24 to 29, 2016 and will have the participation of 24 people among master's and doctoral students, researchers from INPA and other regional centers of PPBio . The workshop will be hosted by Gabriela Lopez Gonzalez (RAINFOR) with the help of Flávia Costa (INPA / PPBio), Thaiane Rodrigues de Sousa (CENBAM), Fernanda Coelho de Souza (RAINFOR / PPBio / CENBAM). The main goal of the workshop is to use the ForestPlots.net tool (see http://www.forestplots.net) to upload, analyze and manage information from long-term monitoring plots, as well as sharing best practices in analysis and use Of data.
The main topics covered during the event will be: Data entry and quality control: Participants will work with vegetation structure data from the uniform distribution plots of BR319 and other PPBio site.
Floristics and forest dynamics data will be integrated into ForestPlots.net. This will ensure that participants conduct data management and help ensure that new PPBio census data are comparable to each other and to other research sites.
Data analysis: The carbon stock, carbon balance, vegetation dynamics and biodiversity calculations entered into ForestPlots.net will be analyzed through the ForestPlots.net specific R package that RAINFOR is developing.
Assessment: Participants will provide feedback to help RAINFOR / ForestPlots.net staff determine the specific needs of users, and make future information more accessible, interpretable and useful to forest stakeholders.