Installation Workshop of a PPBio research module and RAPELD permanent parcels in RDS Rio Negro, in Novo Airão, Amazonas

Between August 2017 and January 2018, in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS), at Km 26 of AM-352, in the city of Novo Airão (Ramal Uga Uga), Amazonas, the permanent RAPELD parcels, aiming to implant a RAPELD research module to know the biodiversity of the RDS Rio Negro south side and to promote the inclusion of communities in the knowledge of this biodiversity, in order to develop local community ecotourism.
The activity was given by Emílio Higashikawa, Ilderlan Viana, Ramiro Dário Melinski and Maria Aparecida de Freitas, members of the Center for Integrated Studies of Amazonian Biodiversity (CENBAM) and the Research Program on Biodiversity (PPBio).
The training consisted of the participation of 8 people from the Uga Uga branch communities, at Km 26 of Am-352, where a PPBio research module was installed with a total of 14 permanent plots, four of which were installed in area of meadow. The installation of this research module is part of the Research Program on Biodiversity (PPBio) entitled "Using the RAPELD PPBio method for the knowledge of biodiversity and scientific inclusion and income through ecotourism in RDS Rio Negro communities, coordinated by INPA researchers , Dr. Albertina Lima and William Ernest Magnusson.